An interview on Fabian Debora in by Sal Rojas 2011

Spade_Portrait_by_SALROJASTELLING STORIES WITH SYMBOLS – Get a glimpse into the mind of Fabian “Spade” Debora, the most prolific artist from the east side of Los Angeles – the underdawg of the Art World. Hear and see how this Boyle Heights native utilized his talents to break free from the chains of destruction…

Fabian is the older of the Debora brothers. He grew up in the projects and the vast cement-slabs of the L.A. Riverbed was his canvas. His first symbols were acronymed letters he spray-painted to be noticed by the passersby (he also utilized the thickness of the “roller-brush” technique to be more obvious). The letters stood for crews and later gangs, in the heart of Los Angeles. His bold nature and skill with a can caught him fame in the area. Letters turned to characters and he noticed his amazing third eye-hand coordination. He discovered his gift! But from creeping stealthily through the back alleys of some of the most violent streets in the freeworld, he eventually did get into trouble with the law. Even so, the juvenile halls and youth camps didn’t stop him from creating art. A lot of times, the art was his only therapy to calm his soul and express himself.

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