Artist Fabian Debora DTLA’S RAREST ART STUDIO 2015

Outside, the air brakes of the Metro buses hiss and squeak. The bus shudders to a stop at the corner of Fifth and Main. Doors flip open, spitting out a scruffy procession of sallow-faced men clutching filthy pants held up by twine, hollow-eyed addicts trolling for their next hit and teenagers sporting headphones the size of dessert plates. Some lurch down Main, others wander down the Nickel.

Two stories above the intersection, behind a reinforced steel door and two deadbolts, Fabian Debora’s Skid Row art studio, La Classe Art Academy, reflects the chaos and cacophony of the streetscape below.

Debora clicks on overheard lights. What was outside is now in: the graffiti, the drifters and the gangsters, and a cross-section of those who call downtown Los Angeles home.

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