One Day Boyle Heights Artist Fabian Debora Tried to Take His Own Life on the I-5. That’s When He Had an Epiphany

Picture 2Fabian Debora stood on the railing of a busy I-5 Freeway, just beyond Hollenbeck Park, watching the cars zoom by. Blood spewed down his mouth and onto his water-soaked shirt — consequences of the manic escape from his mother’s home where she had discovered him doing meth.

Haunted by his children’s faces and the hurt he had caused, he fled in shame to this spot, where he planned to end his life. Voices shouted in his head, beckoning him to do what he had come to.

“The voice said, ‘You worthless piece of shit, kill yourself,’ and it’s starting to sound scary and its sounding like a demon…and it’s getting louder and louder and I just said ‘Ahhhh I don’t want to hear this!’ I ran across the freeway. First lane, second lane, third lane. There was no turning back.”

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